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Quality Plants and Produce

Crossroads Gardens is committed to growing quality plants and produce.  You can count on us never to use synthetics or GMOs.  Besides providing our local communities with fresh produce, we can, freeze, and preserve the food we grow for our own family.  We know how important clean and safe food is.  We encourage you to schedule a farm tour with us to see exactly how your food is being grown.  You can also check out our photo gallery to see a few examples of our delicious produce!


A Family Heritage

We are privileged to be the fifth generation of our family to live on our farm.  We take great pride in carrying on this tradition and being a small, local farm.  Of course, we couldn't do all this without the help of our family.  At Crossroads Gardens, Great-Grandmas, Grandmas, Grandpas, Mom, Dad, and the kid (we only have one!) all take part in helping to get things done.  When you purchase plants and produce from Crossroads Gardens, not only are you getting a great product, but you are directly helping to support our family and farm. 


Teaching and Learning

At Crossroads Gardens, we love to share what we know.  Whether it's helping someone find a pattern to build a wooden hoop house, or teaching someone how to plant tomatoes, we are blessed to be able to pass along what we have learned.  

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